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The serious accident at the La Cañada roundabout in Marbella on Monday has refocussed attention on the number of accident black spots in the province of Malaga. The Traffic Department calls them TCAs (stretches with a concentration of accidents) and with three or more accidents in the space of a year a stretch qualifies for the title. However recent road improvements and new junctions have failed to significantly reduce the number of black spots in the province, currently at 41.
More than half of these dangerous points are on the western A-7, and the ring roads around the city of Malaga. In contrast there are no black spots on the A-7 east of the city

Sources explain the high accident rate on the western A-7 by the large number of vehicles joining and leaving the main road to access the numerous residential estates. Most of these collisions are bumps from behind and result in minor injuries. Meanwhile on the MA-21 there are two black spots, near the airport and the Guadalhorce estate while Benajarafe is still a problematic area on the N-340.
The situation has improved on the A-45 north where there are only two black spots at kilometres 118 (Alto de Las Pedrizas) and 138 (Agujero reservoir). The Casabermeja tunnels have gone from the list, following recent improvements.
One observation is that few of the accidents occurring at these black spots are fatal. In fact of the 50 road deaths in the province in 2010, only seven occurred on these dangerous stretches.
Marbella accident highlights the danger at the A-355 roundabout
“The same thing always happens here”. These were the words of an onlooker after Monday’s accident at the roundabout where the A-355 Ojén road joins the A-7 near La Cañada shopping centre. An apparent brake failure caused a tanker to speed down from the A-355 out of control. At the roundabout the lorry first collided with a car from the side causing the driver to suffer a whiplash injury. The worst was yet to come. Still out of control the lorry ran right over and crushed a second car which caught fire, killing its two occupants. The tanker then overturned on top of another vehicle whose driver “miraculously”, according to a witness, suffered no more than a cut to the hand.
While this was the first fatal accident at this black spot, it was by no means unusual. In the last five years there have been half a dozen accidents at the La Cañada roundabout involving heavy vehicles. The events are similar: the lorry’s brakes fail and the driver loses control. The most serious accident of this kind before this week happened four years ago when a lorry crashed into a car injuring five people, one critically.

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